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Posted on 16 November 2010    
An exemplary COBA
© WWF / Emma Woods
A group production

My group of volunteers and I decided to create this film following our first visit to COBA Avotra. We were extremely impressed by this COBA’s organisation and record of achievements, and were particularly encouraged to see a female at its helm. We decided to create a film documenting the origin and activities of COBA Avotra and its allied women’s association, based on interviews with the COBA’s president and with the women’s association bureau.
We screened the film to each of the seven COBAs, with the overarching intention of promoting the spread of local knowledge. More specifically, we hoped that COBA Avotra’s exemplary approach to environmental management might inspire other COBAs which were either in their infancy, or, for whatever reason, were not functioning cohesively. We also hoped that the exhibition of a female COBA president might help to shift the prevailing view of women as second class citizens with little to contribute to the successful functioning of a COBA. To this end, we tended to screen the film directly before conversing with the female inhabitants of each village, who provided very encouraging feedback regarding the film’s impact on them.
An exemplary COBA
© WWF / Emma Woods Enlarge

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