Posted on 25 March 2010    
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Friday 26th at 7:00 am, the 2010 Earth Hour campaign in Santa Cruz will officially end with autographs signed by Oxigeno, a local Bolivian band supporting Earth Hour.

Twelve Bolivian cities and over 140 supporters, including public and private companies, have joined Earth Hour 2010, a campaign that is being celebrated for the third consecutive year in five continents. Over 4,000 cities participated in the 2009 Earth Hour, showing their commitment in fighting global warming.

The initiative, driven by global conservation organization WWF, has gained wide acceptance in Bolivia´s civil society beyond symbolic participation. A key support, for example, is the commitment expressed on behalf of the Banco de Crédito (BCP), whose board of directors has decided that from now on they will turn off their lights throughout their main branches in Bolivia at noon and in the evening, a template for others to follow as an example, an energy saving policy of environmental responsibility called “Planet BCP”.

The campaign, which year after year is driven by WWF, has the support of local allies such as the Autonomous Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Oxigeno music band, the local power company CRE, Ximena Ximenez Events Corp. and FEXPOCRUZ. Among other national supporters, we can mention some, such as Miss Bolivia, the Association of Condominium Administrators, the Bolivian Forestry Chamber, Cine Center movie theatres, Coca Cola, Banco Ganadero, El Deber newspaper, Editorial El País, as well as Cotas and Viva phone companies.

Unlike last year, when there were only 5 Bolivian cities participating, Earth Hour 2010 now has 12 cities voluntarily adhering. The last city to join is Vallegrande, agreeing to turn off non essential lights yet without jeopardizing safety.

Given the close relationship between climate change and conservation of forests, the ExpoForest trade fair becomes a perfect scenario for this year’s “Earth Hour in Santa Cruz de la Sierra”. On Saturday, March 27th, from 08:30 to 09:30 pm, and as part of the ExpoForest, the three main pavilions will be lit mainly by candles.

During the 60 minutes of the Earth Hour, the band Oxigeno will perform an unplugged percussion concert, accompanied with fire jugglers, and after this there will be the evaluation and prizing of the best among over 200 stands at the forest fair that demonstrates its commitment with the planet that night.

It’s regional elections time, but Earth Hour has its own campaign. The one that looks for the support of every one of the citizens, adults, teenagers and children, from whom is required their daily commitment with the planet. Your switch is your vote in this case.

The campaign will close this Friday at 07:00 am at the Certified Forest Walkway, where Oxigeno will sign autographs on Earth Hour postcards for their fans and people who support the campaign.

The purpose is to generate awareness regarding the importance of a permanent commitment to the planet, by turning off the lights and electrical equipment which are not essential.

Bolivian cities participating:

1. La Paz
2. Cochabamba
3. Santa Cruz de la Sierra
4. Tarija
5. Trinidad
6. Riberalta
7. Puerto Quijarro
8. Puerto Suarez
9. San Matías
10. San Ignacio de Velasco
11. Vallegrande
12. Buena Vista
Wallpaper La Hora del Planeta para PC
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