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First prefabricated house in the world built with certified wood is launched in Brazil

Posted on 26 November 1998    
Gland, Switzerland - Timber certification worldwide took a major step forward with the launching, in Brazil, of the first prefabricated house entirely built with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Designed and constructed by Brazilian architect Joco Bird, the so-called Z House is being displayed as part of a showroom in the city of Nitersi, on the outskirts of the city of Rio de Janeiro. WWF supports the initiative, which is the first step towards a buyers' movement for certification in Brazil, involving a number of other companies and institutions.

A total of 8.4 cubic meters of timber are necessary to build the basic 64 square-meter Z House, with one bedroom, a living-room, bathroom and kitchen. Up to three other bedrooms may be added at the customer's order. The retail price is set at the equivalent of US$ 21,200 per house (basic module).

The house is entirely produced with Amazonian hardwood, including newly commercial species. Production is based in the city of Itacoatiara, in the Amazon region, and planned for four houses per month. The project also includes training of local staff in a carpentry school already in operation.

Environmental comfort has been taken into account in the house project, which features parquet floor in the bedroom, as well as furniture and yard fences also made of certified wood from other companies. Even the charcoal for the traditional weekend barbecue is provided from a certified source.

The city administration of Nitersi has offered the area for the Z House showroom in exchange for urban equipment to be made with certified wood remnants, which were originally developed for the city administration of Itacoatiara. They are the first Brazilian governmental bodies to use certified products.

The Z House event will give local consumers a concrete idea of what FSC certification means and create a new interest for certified products among potential wood users, said Walter Suiter, secretary of the Brazilian FSC working group and coordinator of the FSC implantation project for WWF-Brazil

There is a total of 383,000 hectares certified by FSC in Brazil (one Amazon forest and five plantations) and dozens of other companies owning forests and plantations throughout the country are going through the process to obtain certification.


Check out the WWF-Brazil site

For more information please contact: Joco Bird (Z House): +55-21-9975-5450 (cell phone), 55-21-9975-5450 (residence) and (092)521-3850 (office) Walter Suiter (FSC): tel + 55-61-248-2899 and e-mail Regina Vasquez (WWF): tel +55-61-248-2899, fax +55-61-364-3057, e-mail To know more about FSC in Brazil, check the Internet site (Portuguese only).

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