2010 Tiger Factsheet | WWF

2010 Tiger Factsheet

Posted on 02 February 2010    
This fact sheet is designed to give a broad overview of some of the threats faced by tigers, and to give examples of WWF and TRAFFIC's work and solutions on the ground.

The Tiger
Largest cat of all, the tiger is a powerful symbol among the different cultures that share its home. But this magnificent animal is being persecuted across its range.

Tigers are poisoned, shot, trapped, and snared to meet the demands of a continuing illegal trade in tiger parts and as a result of conflict with people.

On top of this, both their habitat and natural prey continue to disappear.

Over the past 100 years, tiger numbers have declined from 100,000 to as low as 3,200.

A 2006 habitat study found that the remaining tigers survive in 40% less area than they occupy just a decade ago.

Today, they are limited to just 7% of their historic range...

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