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China to Beam the Environmental TV Series-WWF Earth Report

Posted on 09 October 1998    
GLAND, Switzerland -- The WWF Earth Report, a global weekly environmental programme on television, is being launched today in China, opening new horizons for nearly 350 million Chinese television viewers.

It is like a dream come true - to reach out to the Chinese public with important environmental messages, said Dr Claude Martin, Director General of WWF International. We would like to congratulate both the Chinese government and the promoters of the Earth Report series - the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) and the BBC. Equally important has been the role of international agencies which supported the Environmental Education Television Project for China through CCTV.

The Chinese version of the Earth Report will be beamed every Sunday (beginning 11 October, 1998) on the 2030 prime time slot as part of a new Environment Weekly feature to cater to the growing public interest in ecological issues.

The Chinese authorities are increasingly aware of the close interdependence between the tremendous biological wealth of China and the future livelihood of the Chinese people, said Dr Martin, who is a member of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). Indeed, the China Council is presently discussing the integration of economic planning with environmental protection in China, an aspect very few nations have addressed in a serious manner.

The Environmental Education Television Project for China has been made possible through support from the European Commission. Additional support came from GTZ, UNICEF, Ramsar Centre Japan, TVE Japan, Siemens, VW, BP, and the Carl Duisberg Foundation.

TVE produces the Earth Report series in London - initially for broadcast on BBC World TV - based on story ideas received from producers, WWF and other environmental NGOs around the world.

Currently, TVE receives about 3000 queries a week from viewers worldwide, said Robert Lamb, Director of TVE. Viewers are using our programme back-up service to take direct action to safeguard their environment. We expect that figure to rise after Chinese viewers become familiar with the series.

Baroness Helena Kennedy, chair of the British Council, will preside over the launch of the Chinese version of Earth Report to be held at the Capital Club in Beijing this evening.


For more information, please contact Anton Fernhout on +41 22 364 9260 or Someshwar Singh on +41 22 364 9553.

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