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Join the Global Forest & Trade Network in Buenos Aires for the XIIIth World Forestry Congress

Posted on 12 October 2009    
WFC 2009
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Join the Global Forest & Trade Network in Buenos Aires for the XIIIth World Forestry Congress from October 18-23, 2009. 5000 representatives from government, private sectors and NGOs of more than 160 countries will engage in a week of keynotes, presentations, round tables, side events and exhibitions at the event, which is considered to be the most important gathering for dialogue and experience exchange in the forestry sector.

The congress's objective is to “promote the forest sector and role of sustainable forest management (SFM), the services that forest provides to the world”. Congress will provide an opportunity to analyze forests’ functions as a natural resource on the local, regional and global scales. The relevance of every type of forest and its contribution to the planet’s sustainable development will be stressed.

Internationally renowned speakers, academic institutions, producers, environmentalists, indigenous and rural people, forest managers, technical experts and policy makers will be summoned to share ideas on forestry and offer a truly global dialogue.

At the Congress, WWF and GFTN will host a series of presentations and side events on the role of forests in safeguarding the climate, biodiversity and people’s well-being, including:

  • WWF’s Work with Companies on Forests, Climate Change and Biodiversity
    WWF will showcase its leading, innovative solutions—GFTN and NGPP—for tackling forests, climate change and biodiversity issues by engaging with the private sector to adopt responsible production and purchasing practices for forest and agricultural products. GFTN will present its successful model for transforming the global forest products market into a force for conserving the world’s valuable and threatened forests, while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them. Similarly, NGPP will demonstrate its newly developed model for engaging with companies, governments and market stakeholders on the issues surrounding responsible plantations management and new plantations development. Read more...
  • Advancing Sustainable Forest Management Through Responsible Investing and Financing Mechanisms
    GFTN and FAST, together with the Forest Stewardship Council and the International Finance Corporation, will explore how responsible investing and financing mechanisms can help conserve the world’s forests, sharing experiences and lessons learned on the impact finance has on advancing sustainable forest management. The evening’s programme will address collaborative efforts in tackling the root cause of deforestation and forest degradation, through a partnership that supports responsible forest finance. Presentations and panel discussions will emphasize the importance of capacity building among the forestry operators and increased preferential support by financial institutions for sustainable forest operations that safeguard biodiversity, the climate and people’s well-being. Read more...
  • WWF’s Partners in Responsible Forestry Series: Collaborative Efforts to Safeguard the Climate, Biodiversity and People’s Well-Being
    Join WWF staff and partner organizations for the WWF’s Partners in Responsible Forestry Series—over 30 presentations throughout the week of the World Forestry Congress on key issues pertaining to the forestry sector. Download the programme for a complete listing of presentations, speakers and the week’s schedule. Read more...
WFC 2009
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