Ricardo Panicali, Brazil | WWF

Ricardo Panicali, Brazil

Posted on 28 August 2009    
We are doing shows at parks and call people to action ! TA FICANDO QUENTE = It is getting warm ! at parks take a message against global warming and we are using the music as a gun to get people attention to preserv our planet and recycle when possible. Educate people we believe is the best way to combat and avoid the worst of global warming effects. We did a show in march to participated on Earth Hour, now we are mobilizing people around the 350 actions. We hope we could to something together with WWF-Brazil. Main while we can observe that the clime has change in Sao Paulo in the last 5 years , the weather sessons has changed and is not well define as in the past. We clear can see it. we are in august and is still cold, usually in august should be warm, but everything is changing.

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