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Earth Hour Countdown: 4 Days to go!

Posted on 25 March 2014    
Latifa Al Maktoum
© Ziad Shrayteh
Dubai, UAE: March 25, 2014. With only 4 days to go until Earth Hour on Saturday March 29, a number of influential and inspiring personas from the UAE have joined forces with Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF) and Earth Hour superhero Spiderman, to become the UAE’s very own Earth Hour Ambassadors.

The ambassadors are urging UAE residents to take action to help the country create a long term change for the good of our planet.

Olympian Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum is an Earth Hour 2014 Ambassador in the UAE. She said: “I’m proudly supporting Earth Hour 2014 and encourage the whole of the UAE not only to turn off the lights for the hour, but to make the switch to energy efficient lighting for the good of our country and our planet.”

The ambassadors have supported Earth Hour in the UAE by tweeting, appearing in videos, submitting bulb selfies as well as encouraging their circles to adopt sustainable practices.

Ida Tillisch, Director General at EWS-WWF said: “It is wonderful to have the support of some very talented and passionate residents to help us further the sustainability message of Earth Hour on the need to switch to energy efficient lighting.”

Others vowing to go beyond the hour in their daily lives alongside Spiderman, who announced his support earlier in the month, are Earth Hour UAE Ambassadors:, Emirati adventuress Samia Al Mudhareb, Virgin Radio’s DJ Kris Fade, show jumper Abdulla Al Marri, Olympian Samira Al Bitar and youth ambassador George Zacharia.

Meanwhile support for Earth Hour UAE has come directly from the South Pole by 17-year-old Samia Al Mudhareb on her recent trip with explorer Robert Swan. Samia said: “By making simple, sustainable changes today, we can make a huge and long lasting change for tomorrow, so I’m calling on the UAE to switch off for Earth Hour on March 29 at 8.30pm. You’ll be just one of many making a small change that adds up to a brighter future for our planet. Make the switch to energy efficient lighting today!”

By using energy efficient lighting, it has been estimated that the UAE can collectively save 940,000 tonnes of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere annually. This is the equivalent of removing 165,000 cars from the roads every year.

DJ Kris Fade is backing the environmental movement for the second year: “I’m excited to be supporting Earth Hour 2014 because I’m able to reach out to my listeners and followers to inspire them to also support the cause. With a small action, such as changing our bulbs to energy efficient lights, we can make such a great move towards sustainability. That’s exactly why I’m backing Earth Hour again this year, because not only will we save money on our electricity bills, we will be taking action for the good of our planet.”

Spreading the word to his peers is youth ambassador George Zacharia, 17, from Our Own English High School, Sharjah by running a bulb selfie competition in his school: “In our busy lifestyles, we might forget how important the environment is. Earth Hour is a powerful way of reminding us that we have to make the change. Time isn't over! Make the switch the switch to energy efficient lighting today and celebrate with the world an hour of the planet.”

Support has also come from the sporting community in the form of Olympic swimmer Samira Al Bitar and show jumper Abdulla Al Marr, who both appear in a promotional video for Earth Hour UAE.
“We can truly help our country’s environment by switching off the lights in support of Earth Hour; but now is the time to also take that important step further towards sustainable long-term change that benefits our economy and our environment,” said Abdulla Al Marri.

Meanwhile Samira Al Bitar said: “I am getting enlightened as part of my duty as an Earth Hour ambassador. Let’s aim to switch to energy efficient lights before Earth Hour; so that when you switch back on, you’ll be doing it the light way.”

In a first of its kind partnership, Spiderman is the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour, with a message to inspire individuals to use their power to become superheroes for the planet. This year, the hero of the highly anticipated motion picture The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – along with the film’s stars, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and director Marc Webb – are throwing their support behind Earth Hour.
Join the UAE ambassadors as well as Spiderman and EWS-WWF for this year’s Earth Hour. Switch off all non-essential lights this Saturday March 29, for one hour at 8.30pm to show your awareness and willingness to support the planet and make the switch to energy efficient lighting so that when we switch back on, we will all be doing it, the light way.

Latifa Al Maktoum
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