WWF conducts first fundraising campaign in Ukraine

Posted on 08 August 2013  | 
WWF in Ukraine and Groupon Ukraine have concluded their fundraising campaign dedicated to the World Environment Day. In the period 10-18 June 2013 Ukrainians were able to donate money for the protection of endangered species in their country. During the fundraising effort the two organizations collected 2,970 Ukrainian hryvna (about 300 Euro).

“Although this is not a huge sum and people in Ukraine are much more generous when donating to organizations working to help homeless dogs and cats for example, we must not forget that this campaign was the first of its kind in Ukraine, and for us it was important to determine how people would respond”, said Bohdan Prots of WWF in Ukaine.

“Unfortunately, the level of awareness of the importance of preservation of rare animal species of the Ukrainian public is very low. The results of the fundraising campaign demonstrate that non-governmental organizations have yet to do a lot of work in this direction”.

The organizers of the fundraising campaign are grateful to all those who were able to support the activities of WWF in Ukraine. The funds will be used for the protection of rare animal species in the country. WWF will publish a progress report on their website by the end of 2013. The plan is to use the money for improving the living conditions of bears in the Carpathian Mountains (in the framework of existing projects).

The WWF and Groupon fundraising campaign was held simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world. The campaign raised over 70,000 dollars for the protection of endangered species.
Brown bears in Ukraine will benefit from WWF's first fundraising campaign in the country.
© Wild Wonders of Europe /Staffan Widstrand / WWF Enlarge

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