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The Pandamobile is a WWF Switzerland owned bus, which is touring the country's schools since 1978 and providing environmental education to children of all ages.
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The Pandamobile, an exhibition on a bus, is a 25 years old project focused on environmental education and dedicated to 9-12 years old children.

The exhibition is aimed at informing and making children aware of nature, the threats to it and solutions/possibilities to act.

As it regularly changes its topic (every 2 or 3 years), the rainforest exhibition will be replaced in Spring 2004 by another one about climate change, as well as its impacts on ecoregions and threatened species.


- Inform children in order to make them aware about endangered species and habitats and the threats caused by our lifestyle.
- Get them willing to make an effort in favour of nature and environment conservation in their every day life.
- Show them possibilities on how to act.

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