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Putumayo: conservation without borders

Posted on 20 September 2013    
Historias de Frontera
© Programa Trinacional
For several years now, the Trinational Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Protected Areas Corridor (across La Paya National Natural Park – Colombia, Güeppí Sekime National Park – Peru, and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Ecuador), has been working in the regional management model with aims towards the conservation of the Amazon.

WWF together with its partners celebrated last September 18th the closure of two projects pertaining to this Program and through which major results were obtained. Among these results is the categorization of the former Güeppí Reserved Zone into the new Güeppí Sekime National Park and two communal reserves (Airo Pai y Huimeki) in Peru, thereby solving conflicts of land tenure rights with indigenous peoples. Moreover, the official consolidation of the Trinational Program was achieved through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the three Governments with support of its Ministries of the Environment and corresponding chancelleries. This enabled the recognition of the Corridor by the Andean Community as a cooperation initiative towards the conservation of bordering zones. Also, in Colombia it was possible the implementation of a roundtable where local communities and government institutions developed joint plans of landscape planning which contributed towards facing the main driving forces of environmental change in the region. The Trinational Program’s objective is to generate a coordinated regional management model towards conservation and sustainable development, as well as to contribute on environmental policies, through technical assistance.

So far the results achieved in the Corridor are an example of the commitment made by each Government to ratify the goodwill of finding new joint mechanisms for the coordinated management of the three bordering protected areas – geographically and biologically bonded and with major cultural diversity. With the conservation progress since 2009 up to date, the Program’s commitment with the Convention on Biological Diversity has been ratified, contributing to a more effective management of the protected areas systems through coordination mechanisms for the conservation of common ecosystems.

The Putumayo Tres Fronteras Project is implemented with funds from the European Union and WWF Germany. It began operations in 2009 and will run for four years.

Partners of this effort, led by WWF Colombia, with support from WWF Germany, include: WWF Peru, the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP), the Center for the Development of the Amazonian Indigenous Peoples (CEDIA) in Peru, the Natura Foundation in Ecuador, and Tropenbos in Colombia.

Historias de Frontera
© Programa Trinacional Enlarge
Parque Nacional Güeppí Sekime (Perú)
© María del Pilar Ramírez / WWF Perú Enlarge

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