Commitments for a better future: EARTH HOUR LAUNCHES 2013 CAMPAIGN

Posted on 08 March 2013    
Lima en La Hora del Planeta 2012
© Miguel Bellido /WWF Peru
• Important initiative has the active support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL)

• In the past, 1 out of every 3 Peruvians with access to electricity turned off their lights

Lima, February 28, 2013.
“Earth Hour 2013 looks for results that can change the world”. This is the main message from the promoters of the world’s largest environmental movement in the planet.

“Since the first time Peru participated, it has been a global leader. Nowadays, despite our broad natural heritage we face the challenge of fostering a sustainable development and economic growth in the country; thus, alongside the Ministry of the Environment and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, we invite authorities and citizens, as well as the main companies in the country to join efforts towards a responsible use of resources, energy efficiency and mitigation of pollution”, stated Patricia León-Melgar, Director of WWF Peru – after underpinning the need of a broad commitment by all Peruvians towards ensuring a sustainable future, beginning this March 23 at 8:30 p.m., during Earth Hour.

Earth Hour began as a symbolic action, which now has turned into the world’s largest environmental movement in history. It is as simple as turning off the lights to join the largest social-environmental movement.
The importance of this initiative has been emphasized by the Minister of the Environment, Manuel Pulgar – Vidal, who aims to foster citizens’ involvement without exception and adopt responsible practices regarding our environment during the entire year.

In this regard, “Peru is taking Earth Hour beyond the hour through the participation of around 12,000 companies in the country (members of the CCL), for the pursuit of real solutions towards a sustainable future”, added León – Melgar.

In this opportunity, the Chamber of Commerce of Lima has joined Earth Hour and invited all its members to build long term commitments in favor of our environment.

According to the promoters, it is the popular nature of Earth Hour alongside the “yes we can” attitude from the participants that ensuresl real environmental results against the increasing threat of an unsustainable future. This is shown through the enthusiastic participation of different artists every year. For 2013, Earth Hour will not be only a one-year-event, but a continuous movement that fosters real actions to change the world.

The coast, the Andes and the Amazon

Almost three weeks away from the main event, cities along Peru continue joining the campaign. From Arequipa to Trujillo, going through Puerto Maldonado, the coast, the Andes and the Amazon, have confirmed its participation. Furthermore, leading companies, such as ScotiaBank, Clear Channel, Diario El Comercio, Circus, RPP, Banco de Crédito del Perú, Pacífico Seguros, TopiTop, Publimetro and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, among many others, have already joined this initiative.
Earth Hour

Earth Hour began in 2007 when 2,2 million people in Sydney, Australia turned off their lights. The following year, 50 million people participated. In its third edition, over 1000 million people joined this initiative and Peru participated for the first time, becoming a global leader with around 8 million Peruvians (that is 1 out of every 3 with access to electricity turned off their lights).

The following years, the movement expanded throughout the entire country, involving cities, companies and authorities – including the President – along the coast, the Andes and the Amazon.

Around the world, this movement has involved over 7000 cities and towns along 152 countries and territories, having hundreds of millions participants across seven continents.

The co-founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour, Andy Ridley, declared this week that “Earth Hour has always been more than just a campaign which turns off the lights, and today we are witnessing astounding environmental results as we advance towards achieving our long term vision”.
Lima en La Hora del Planeta 2012
© Miguel Bellido /WWF Peru Enlarge

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