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Leaders for a Living Planet Event in Asunción, Aug 30, 2006: Vice President of Paraguay, Mr Castiglioni, receives the LLP award from Leonardo Lacerda, WWF International and Lucy Aquino, WWF Paraguay
© Liliana Franco / WWF Paraguay

Bringing back the Atlantic Forest

In Paraguay, WWF concentrates its efforts in the Atlantic Forest ecoregion, one of the most endangered rain forests in the world. Protection, connection, and restoration of the remaining forest fragments are WWF's main goals for the Atlantic Forest.

In 2000, we established an office in Asuncion, Paraguay, where we work with other local and international environmental organizations to support the conservation of the Atlantic Forest. WWF also focuses on raising public awareness regarding environmental issues.

Consolidating the Atlantic Forest through protected areas

Some recent developments are encouraging for conservation efforts in Paraguay. Mbaracayu National Park and San Rafael lagoon National Park have been recognized by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserves. Both are two of the most important blocks of Atlantic Forest remaining in the country, and their protection is vital for the conservation of the entire Upper Parana Atlantic Forest.
The Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest in Paraguay is one of the most endangered tropical forests on earth, threatened by agriculture and cattle ranching. Soy production is a key factor that contributes to these threats.

A law that delivers results

Paraguay used to have the second highest deforestation rate worldwide. But thanks to WWF and our public and private partners, who came together in a “Social Pact”, a forest conversion moratorium law came into place in December 2004. 

In less than 6 months, the deforestation rate had dropped by 85%. At the same time, the law did not negatively affect soy production in Paraguay, one of the world's largest soybean exporters. In December 2006, the government extended the moratorium law for another 2 years.

For this, WWF recently awarded the Paraguayan government with the Leaders for the Living Planet Award in recognition of its efforts to conserve the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest.

Many partners, one mission

With the backing of international non-governmental organizations such as WWF and The Nature Conservancy, together with organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development in Paraguay (USAID), all working in concert with:
  • IDEA
  • Funcacion Moises Bertoni
  • Guyra Paraguay
  • Natural
  • Alter vida
  • ProCosara
  • Acordes
  • Cicoam
  • Enlace
  • the Attorney General of Paraguay
  • the Secretariat of the Environment
  • and many others
...we can still protect the remaining Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest.

But we don't have the luxury of time.
	© WWF / Edward Parker
The Atlantic Forest has extemely high biodiversity, but is also one of the most endangered rainforests on earth.
© WWF / Edward Parker
	© WWF
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