Pakistan Sustainable Cotton Initiative (PSCI)

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Asia/Pacific > Southern Asia > Pakistan


The Pakistan Sustainable Cotton Initiative (PSCI) aims at developing and promoting best management practices for sustainable cotton production. This will include demonstration of best water management practices and significant reduced applications of pesticides and fertilizers in cotton production without significantly affecting the yield.


Worldwide more than 69% of freshwater is used for agriculture and that is why it has been identified as one of the main threat to the freshwater resources.

Among crops, grown cotton has been identified as the major cause of freshwater crisis. In Pakistan it takes the 3rd biggest share of freshwater, and bulk of imported pesticides and fertilizers are applied on it. Cotton crop affects therefore freshwater both quantitatively and qualitatively and also plays a significant role in the degradation of agricultural soils through rise in soil water table and salt build up in the surface soils.


- Develop and promote best management practices for sustainable cotton production.

- Demonstrate best water management practices.

- Significantly reduce applications of pesticides and fertilizers.

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