Indus River Dolphin: Swimming techniques

Unique swimming behaviour

Did you know? The Indus River dolphin sometimes carries its young on its back, above the surface of the water.
The Indus River dolphin swims on its side, at times enabling it to swim in water as shallow as 30 cm. As it swims on its side, it trails a flipper along the bottom of the river.

After 30 to 60 seconds, when it needs to breath, it swims to the surface, rotates upright to take in the air, and then rotates thorough 90 degrees again as it swims back to the bottom.

This unique side swimming behaviour is not consistently seen in any other dolphin except the Ganges River dolphin.

Indus River Dolphin: Swimming Action
Click on the Play button to view the swimming cycle of the Indus River
Dolphin. You can also view the step by step movement by clicking on the
rewind and forward buttons.

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