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To promote conservation in New Zealand, WWF has set up a special habitat protection fund for community groups to restore and protect important biodiversity sites – waterways, mountains, bush, marine and coastal environments, islands, in towns and cities, and in their own backyards.

Priority is given to projects that: involve the restoration and conservation of critical land, freshwater and marine habitats; replanting and conservation of traditional indigenous species; promoting environmental education; and the creation of opportunities for employment and community development.


There has been an increasing shift in conservation with more emphasis being placed on the involvement of local communities in conservation. There seems to be a growth in community initiated projects. Naturally they are fragmented and only sometimes are run in a professional manner. The model project approach would enable the funds already made available by the Tindall Foundation to be leveraged off providing a natural link with model community conservation projects. These projects would be real community generated projects but WWF New Zealand would assume a closer relationship to ensure exemplary outcomes. The concepts of sustainability, maintaining biodiversity and reducing pollution would be central.


- Restoration and conservation of critical habitats and ecosystems, including marine, freshwater and terrestrial.

- Re-planting and conservation of traditional indigenous species.

- Promotion of environmental education and capacity building to enhance awareness and understanding of conservation issues.

- Creation of opportunities for employment and community development.

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