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Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique

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Local fishermen drying fish, Island of the Doves, Quirimbas, Mozambique.
© WWF-Canon / Tanya PETERSEN


The Quirimbas National Park, stretching along the northeast coast of Mozambique, protects 750,639 hectares of coastal forest and mangroves, rich coral reefs and abundant marine life, including sea turtles, dugongs and hundreds of fish species. The park was established in 2002 to protect the region’s natural resources.

A WWF project in Quirimbas ensures that local communities, park authorities, tour operators and others share both the benefits and the responsibilities of managing the park on land and at sea. Key project activities include fishery management programmes, ecotourism development, marine species conservation and habitat management.


In June 2002, the council of ministers of the government of Mozambique approved the declaration of the Quirimbas archipelago as a national park in response to a request from local communities and other stakeholders who live within and around the archipelago.


- Protect, conserve and where necessary restore ecosystem processes and genetic diversity of all terrestrial and marine resources.

- Promote the economic and social well-being of the park's ancestral inhabitants by facilitating eco-friendly livelihood options and economic opportunities.

- Ensure that all stakeholders of the park, such as park authorities, tour operators, investors in infrastructure and communities share both the benefits and the responsibilities of managing the park.

- Protect and conserve the park's historical monuments, ruins and other cultural resources.

- Promote the growth of ecotourism in the park area.

- Ensure that support to the park leads to a long-term self-sustaining funding mechanism for the park through appropriate fundraising strategies, cost effective park operations and development of partnerships with external financiers.


The project is addressing the threat to ecological processes and the deterioration of both marine and terrestrial resources in the Quirimbas national park.

It is implementing an integrated management plan for the park that involves resource protection, livelihood support to communities, ecotourism development and habitat management.

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