First photos of male snow leopard “Erbaatar”

Posted on 25 July 2014    
We named him “Erbaatar”. It means “male hero”.
© WWF Mongolia
For studies and researches on snow leopard, the “hidden” species rarely seen by human, the automatic photo cameras put within its preferable habitats are regarded as one of efficient tools. To study snow leopard population on Baatarkhairkhan Mountain in Altai Sayan region in Western Mongolia, specialists of WWF Mongolia Programme Office placed 13 automatic photo and video cameras on the mountain in January, 2014. For designation of photo camera placement points on the mountain, the programme specialists shared experiences and consulted with local residents, who spend their winters nearby the mountain, regarding their physical locations throughout the mountain. This pilot action was financially supported by the tourists and visitors came to Mongolia through “Natural Habitat”. Recently, the specialists completed the regular check. Here is the “fresh” photo of male snow leopard. We named him “Erbaatar”. It means “male hero”. Currently, the specialists have started analyzing the photo camera images and findings.
We named him “Erbaatar”. It means “male hero”.
© WWF Mongolia Enlarge

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