A snow festival was successfully organized at a regional level

Posted on 07 April 2014    
The show of this year was attended by about 70 children
© WWF Mongolia
A snow festival first organized by local herders to celebrate successes and achievements in their conservation initiatives and undertakings for protection of nature and environment, pastureland and water bodies within their residential areas has become a regional event in Western Mongolia. The event was organized on frozen lake “Khar Us” on February 22-23. It was attended by representatives from 17 soums of Khovd aimag and Uvs and Zavkhan aimags. In addition to local representatives, the event was attended by some Parliament members, ministers, and vice ministers. During the event, a number of entertainments and competitions e.g. ice archery, skating, camel polo, horse-drawn sledge competition, rope pulling, and running were organized.
Additionally, a show “children in Mongolian national dresses” was organized. The show initiated by a team of Altai Sayan regional office of WWF Mongolia Programme Office has become one of attractive and participatory occasions for the people of the region within last three years. The show of this year was attended by about 70 children. Purpose of the show is to restore and preserve environmental protection and national dress traditions by calling up not to use wild animal furs and skins for the public. Participants of the event highlighted that the snow festival was not only a public gathering event but also an educational effort raising public awareness on the environmental conservation and importance of human-nature relations. This year’s event has successfully achieved its goal.
In previous practices, a problem of waste was after public gathering events. However, the problem was not seen on site after the event as a result of good organization. It shows a good example of participants’ behavioral change (e.g. to be environmentally friendly) while attending public events.
The show of this year was attended by about 70 children
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