An achievement created by mongolians themselves

Posted on 10 October 2013    
Dr. Hartmut Jungius
© WWF Mongolia
Dr. Hartmut Jungius, Senior Advisor to WWF, evaluated the progress and outcomes of Mongolian Saiga protection project. During discussion, it has shown good level cooperation of stakeholders and it has been evident that attitude of local people towards their environment and saiga has improved positively. Particularly, parties interviewed have emphasized positive impact of support and cooperation from the project towards developing and strengthening of student eco club activities. Dr.Hartmut Jungius has concluded that in order to sustain outcomes and achievements made by the project and adaptation of its approaches it need to extend the project by another 2-3 years and to assist in finding support from other sources for continuation. Also he has noted that “this outcome is an own achievement of mongolians and can be maintained by mongolians without support of others,but in doing so commitment and active involvement of everybody is essential.”
In fact, Dr. Hartmut Jungius has been personally leading and guiding saiga protection project in Mongolia and president N.Bagabandi has awarded him with the medal of “Freindship” for his contribution to the protection of the environment and wildlife of Mongolia.
Dr. Hartmut Jungius
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