Transmitters attached in Taimen Fish

Posted on 01 October 2013  | 
In protection of any animal undertaking a study is an important step. The headcount of population, its migration patterns and what difficulties they encounter are important aspects in determining of a sound approach of their protection. With this aim, research professionals from Program Office of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Mongolia, Onon-Balj Natural Park and Helmholtz Research Institute of Environmental Protection, Magdeburg, Germany and hunt organizers of “Khishig Wildlife” LLC and Onon river fishermen club have started joint research action. The study they are engaged in aims to identify seasonal migration of Siberian Taimen, its population and distribution spread in Onon and Balj rivers. The study shall cover areas as Bayan-Adraga, Binder, Dadal, Norovlin and part “B” of the Onon-Balj Natural Park located in Bayan-Uul soum of Dornod aimag and last for one year. First phase activities have been undertaken within period between 8-20 September during which a transmitter was set onto a taimen fish with a length of 85sm. Acoustic voice transmitters shall be installed on 16 Siberian taimen fish within one year and 24 stations to receive transmissions shall be established where members of local fishermen club will acquire capacities of observation methodologies. The study shall provide important contribution towards identification of protection measures of Siberian Taimen for that particular location.
Acoustic voice transmitters shall be installed on 16 Siberian taimen fish
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