Watershed-Based Payments for Ecosystem Services in the Humid Forest of Madagascar

Geographical location:

Africa/Madagascar > West Indian Ocean > Madagascar


The project's aim is to identify and implement a system of payments for ecosystem services (PES) by watershed end-users to upstream communities in order to reward them for the conservation and sustainable management of the watershed.


There is a growing interest in making direct payments to communities as reward for watershed management. The watershed in the humid forest of Madagascar (Fandriana-Vondrozo) has been identified as a high potential site providing a range of ecosystem services that yield tangible economic benefits and is yet to be recognized for the services provided. A project called Miaro has initiated preliminary work on payments for ecosystem services (PES) to identify potential sites linked to the creation of conservation areas. A national review on expertise for PES is also under way.


Establish and implement a payment mechanism that encourages watershed conservation through payment for its usage.


- Improve livelihoods of the rural poor through additional revenues.

- Improve watershed management.

- Promote and sustain operating actions in upstream protected areas and community-based natural resource management.

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