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Crowdfunding campaign receives donations from around the globe

Posted on 13 August 2014
© WWF Madagasar
On March 29th, 2014, people all across the globe paused to remember and celebrate just how special their planet is. This unifying event was Earth Hour 2014. For the 5th consecutive year, Madagascar was a part of this international experience, with special Earth Hour events organized by WWF Madagascar in Antananarivo, Toliara and, for the first time, in Morondava. 
But this year, Madagascar was also one of the first countries to benefit from a whole new Earth Hour project called Earth Hour Blue. Earth Hour Blue was a global crowdfunding campaign, where specific projects sought to raise funds from caring, dedicated people across the world to support real, positive change for the environment. 
WWF Madagascar’s Earth Hour Blue project, called Saving Forests and Families in Madagascar (click on the link to read more about this project), sought to save the critical habitat of Southern Madagascar by raising money to provide high-efficiency, wood saving cook stoves called Fatana Mitsitsy, which are a cornerstone of our renewable energies program in the Mahafaly Plateau. Through improved performance, Fatana Mitsitsy dramatically cut the amount of energy needed to cook food and heat houses during colder winter months, saving forests from becoming fuel wood, charcoal and unwanted carbon emissions and protecting the landscape and biodiversity of Southern Madagascar in the process. The stoves provide the added benefit of helping families save half of their monthly, cooking-fuel budgets.
The crowdfunding program raised $4,424, which will provide over 500 Fatana Mitsitsy for families in Toliara. The impact from these 500 stoves will be widely felt, saving those families money on fuel costs, providing them with a healthier cooking environment and protecting 273 hectares of the Spiny Forest from deforestation over the next three years. Already we have distributed a total of over 5,000 high-efficiency cooking stoves to families in Toliara, saving 875 hectares of forest annually. 
The success of this year’s Earth Hour in Madagascar is due in large part to those generous people who supported our Fatana Mitsitsy campaign and we thank each of them for their generous donations. 
WWF Madagascar would like to formally recognize their support. These donors include:
Katja Andersen, Rina Andria, Jakob Frederik Anthonisen, Gail Armand, Robert Beer, Taylere Bernett, Olivia Brown, Victoria Campbell, Ronan Caraes, Golou Cavelot, Jack Chang, Julie Chipman, Ashley Cooter, Suds Cor, Angela Coradin, Sid Das, Karnika Dhankar, Rafalivohitra Domohina, Dzul Fadly, Barbara Folkard, George Fosselius, Ruben de la Fuente, Lorena Hamilton, Natalie Hendler, Emily Hunsberger, Missy Horesh, Mari Ibsen, Maria Johnston, Richard Johnston, Bamboo Jules, A.G. Klei, Ali Klei, Henk Klei, John Klei, Kristian Hund Kornum, Rajika Kuruwita, Hakan Kutlu, Paul Labranche, Samantha Lane, Hélène Latrémouille, Allan Lauritzen, Stephanie Lefevre, Yue Looi, Erik Mailler, Andrea Marie, Lill Catinka Maxen, Kyaw Moo, Melinda Murphy, Devon Nola, Casey O'Brien, Linette Ong, Keiron Ortiz, Audrey Ottevanger, David Page, MingMay Pang, Anastasia Papanastassiou, Sabrina Pernet,  Tania Renelli, Caroline Reymond, Andy Ridley, Yves Ryckewaert, Angela Scarinci, Judy Slatyer, Karina Vejlin, Kubo Ville, Benjamin Vozzo, Emily Wahab, Emily Wallker, Benoit Willems, Mei Ying and all of our other anonymous donors.
Stay tuned for upcoming WWF Madagascar projects and Like our Facebook page for the latest information. We hope that you will celebrate with us again this coming year for Earth Hour 2015!
© WWF Madagasar Enlarge
The artists from Bloco Malagasy perform during the carnival to distribute 2,000 cook stoves in Toliara as part of Earth Hour 2014
© WWF Madagascar/ Tinha Rabarison Enlarge
People line up to receive a Fatana Mitsitsy cook stove at the Earth Hour 2014 carnival in Toliara.
© WWF Madagascar / Tinha Rabarison Enlarge
© WWF Madagascar / Tinha Rabarison Enlarge

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