School Trip to the Heart of Borneo

Posted on 18 September 2012  | 
Young adults need to be educated about deforestation and sustainable development, refine their knowledge and skills and be empowered as the next generation of storytellers, change-makers and green entrepreneurs.
WWF is looking at youth as one important component to support conservation and sustainable development of Heart of Borneo in the future. Following up the recent HoB Youth Debate Competition held in April 2012, WWF is preparing a special trip for students from Jakarta who won the prize to visit one of the important places in the Heart of Borneo area.
Danau Sentarum National Park and local community in Kapuas Hulu District in West Kalimantan will receive visit from students of Australian International School and Global Jaya International School. They will experience a fun and educative trip of a lifetime to Borneo by going to many places where WWF is conducting programs to rehabilitate the degraded area of migration for wild orangutan, empowering local community and promoting community-based ecotourism. 
This trip is like an outdoor class that will bring the students to another window, to understand and appreciate the value of nature and culture. For 7 days from 28 September to 4 October 2012, they will meet students in Borneo and exchange stories, seeing and experiencing the conservation work to protect forest, orangutans and other important species, the life of Dayak people in the longhouse, and to see how nature provides the necessities of life for local people.
Youth Debate Competition April 2012
Youth Debate Competition April 2012 at @america Jakarta
© WWF-Indonesia - Dery Suhendi Enlarge
The School Trip Preparation Meeting at WWF-Indonesia Jakarta Office
The School Trip Preparation Meeting at WWF-Indonesia Jakarta Office on 17 September 2012
© WWF-Indonesia - Noverica Widjojo Enlarge

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