Tiger Conservation Programme

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Asia/Pacific > Southern Asia > India

Indian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), two month old cub.
© WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY


The project aims at conserving the tiger and the species that cohabit its habitat. Project activities primarily focus on conservation efforts within the protected areas and their adjoining forests. There is also a major effort to work with the local communities; primarily to mobilise support for the cause of tiger conservation, and at the same time bring economic benefits to the communities by means of innovative mutually benefitting activities.


- Provide support to protected areas to strengthen their anti-poaching activities.

- Play a facilitator's role to develop, ratify and adopt strategies.

- Protect high priority landscapes and the biodiversity therein.

- Restore critical habitats.


The project relates to conservation action in the 3 priority tiger landscapes in India, i.e. the Sunderbans, Satpuda Maikal and the Terai Arc. In addition to working in the landscape, WWF will also provide support to protected areas to strengthen their anti-poaching capabilities.

The proposed activities in the selected landscapes will involve working closely with the governmental and non-governmental agencies along with the local communities. WWF will play the role of catalytic role in facilitating the agencies to collaborate to develop, ratify and adopt strategies, protect important biodiversity areas, conserve landscapes of high priority and restore critical habitats.

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