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Conserving France's Camargue

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Greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) stretching its wings. Camargue, France.
© WWF-Canon / Roger LeGUEN


Nestled between the Rhone River and the Mediterranean Sea, the Camargue region in southern France is one of Europe’s largest river deltas. The marshlands are home to more than 400 species of birds, including the greater flamingo, and is famous for its wild horses, one of the world’s oldest breeds.

WWF is working in the Camargue on several ecotourism and environmental education projects. Together with local environmental organizations, an artificial islet in the Fangassier lagoon has provided a stable breeding site for the flamingoes and other bird species.


Main objective

Develop the environmental exemplary role expected of a nature reserve dedicated to ecotourism and environmental education.

Specific objectives

- Certify tourist reception infrastructures via the EMAS process, in order to adapt it and transfer it to numerous similar sites in Europe.

- Limit the impact of external activities on the site.

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