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Cash Handover for Reforestation

Posted on 20 August 2013    
WWF South Pacific receives boost for reforestation efforts from ASCO Motors
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Running to re-cloth forests, ASCO Motors Bridgestone tyres are doing more than running on Fiji roads with a financial boost for reforestation today.

The company handed over more than $4,000 to WWF South Pacific today, towards reforestation projects.

Most of the 4,027 pieces of Bridgstone tyres sold during the three monthOne Tyre One Good Deed Campaign was to the majority of buyers from Suva.

Sealing its commitment to ensuring the good health of Planet Earth, Asco Motors promised $1 from every Bridgestone tyre sold towards re-growing Fiji forests in 2012.

The donation is the company’s eco plan and response to Earth Hour Ambassador, His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau’s I Will If You Will challenge.
Money raised during the 2012 campaign was used to plant more than 500 trees at Nakancagi village in Macuata province.

The riparian buffer zone or the riverbank of the Nakanacagi River was rehabilitated by re-vegetating it with 530 trees of the variety Vesi, Damanu, Tavola, Irimasei, Dakua, Makadre, Cevua, Kavika, Yasi, Mandarin, Moli ni Tahiti, Marasa and CauKuro.

Planting the trees protects the river from sedimentation, polluted surface runoffs and soil erosion thereby improving the river water quality which is a prerequisite for maintaining healthy fish stocks.

Healthy fish stocks signify a good protein source for villagers.

Fruit bearing trees like the Mandarin, Kavika, the Moli ni Tahiti and the valuable Yasi or sandalwood tree hold the promise of future income.

WWF South Pacific Communications Manager, Patricia Mallam, applauded the commitment that ASCO Motors as a corporate body and leader in the motoring industry of Fiji has shown towards protecting the environment.

“This brand of commitment displays smart leadership and crucial for encouraging better attitudes towards the environment especially by corporate bodies that can do a whole lot more in catalyzing change,” she said.

Mallam said reforestation as a tool for ecosystem based management also leads to the growth of healthy reef systems, good fish stocks and supply, a vibrant economy and a healthy people.

“The benefits are not isolated to the community where the trees are planted for we live in an interconnected world and a healthy land ecosystem leads to a healthy marine ecosystem.”
WWF South Pacific receives boost for reforestation efforts from ASCO Motors
© WWF South Pacific Enlarge
WWF South Pacific Communications Manager Patricia Mallam with the team from ASCO Motors
© WWF South Pacific Enlarge

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