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Posted on 07 May 2013  | 
Ocean Soaps Limited has called on the public and corporates to support green habits, citing the crucial need for a healthy and viable environment for sustainable economies and livelihoods.

The subsidiary of Fijian retail giants Punjas Group of company’s practices greening habits as part of its corporate social responsibility and commitment to sustainability.

Company spokesperson Jagdish Punja committed to supporting Earth Hour for the fifth year running, acknowledging the importance of protecting the environment.

“This is the core of our emerging corporate culture that as much as possible, our processes, our products, our employee culture must strive to engage measures and mindsets that contribute to the bigger picture,” he said.

“For Oceans Soaps Limited, the bigger picture is our home Fiji, our surrounding the Pacific Ocean, our Pacific neighbors and the future of our generations.”

Punja said this vision permeates the various levels of the organizations and inspires the manufacture of ‘green’ products that undergo rigorous testing.

The company has also invested in human resource, research and technology to help produce their green products.

“Over the years we have directed our energies and focus towards becoming an environmentally friendly company, manufacturing products which are harmless to our surroundings,” he said.

“As with all our Pacific neighbors we are surrounded by water which we are so reliant on as a food source, and the underground aquifer of pure drinking water, which need protecting from pollution.

“We have countless generations to consider, it is no longer just about us. When you look at it its not just a small picture, it’s a bigger picture.”

Punjas said a common environmental nuisance that many can easily deal with is the problem of litter.

“Beach cleanups, let’s not throw plastic in the water, why don’t we put up extra bins,” he said.

“Awareness needs to be created and sometimes the activities that we decided to take up for the good of the environment is very basic but lets start from somewhere.


Jagdish Punja and Gopal Jadhav of Ocean Soaps Limited believe in doing business in a way that is sustainable for the environment
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