Commitment to Manage GSR Made

Posted on 14 March 2013  | 
Two provincial offices, a local municipality and the head of the Government in the Western Division have signed commitments to contribute to the protection of the third longest continuous barrier reef system in the world, the Great Sea Reef.

Senior assistant Roko Tui Ra Mosese Nakoroi, the Roko Tui Ba Tupou Tukana, Commissioner Western Joeli Cawaki and the Rakiraki Town Council have formally committed to leading the development of a management strategy for the Great Sea Reef over the next 15 months.

As part of their commitment they also plan to be a member of the GSR Plan of Action Committee that will see to the implementation of the management strategy.

The management strategy helps ensure the sustainable management of natural resources that abound within the reef system and will bear an influence on issues like the number of fishing licenses issued.

It will also address developments, agricultural activities, and other anthropogenic influences that potentially present harm to the GSR.

The 200 kilometer long GSR that stretches from Bua to the Yasawas, is home to a myriad of marine life that supports the livelihoods of thousands of people.

Although conservation activities that help protect the GSR are underway in Macuata and Bua, what is needed is a united approach and commitment from all provinces located parallel to it from Bua to Yasawa.

Discussions to secure formal commitments to protect the GSR have also commenced with Bua and Macuata provincial offices.


Showing the signed commitments, WWF South Pacific Representative Kesaia Tabunakawai and Senior Assistant Roko Tui Ra Mosese Nakoroi
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