Mozambique government approves creation of a museum of fisheries

Posted on 06 June 2013  | 
Maputo, Thursday, June 6, 2013….The government of Mozambique has approved yesterday a decree establishing the Fisheries Museum, a public, national and cultural and scientific.

The decree was approved during the 17th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers in Mozambique.  According to the government spokesman Mr. Alberto Nkutumula, the Museum of Fisheries aims to contribute to the safeguarding of cultural heritage fisheries through research, collection, preservation, conservation and dissemination of the history of fishing in the country. The museum also aims to preserve and exhibit artifacts built secularly and samples of the main targeted stocks in the country.

As part of its duties, the Museum of Fisheries shall, in science, encourage studies aimed at the recovery of socio-cultural and historical information about fishing and, retrieve and disseminate the techniques on the development of fishing technology and fish.

In the education component, this institution, with legal institution and administrative autonomy, will organize lectures and seminars to disseminate information about socio-cultural aspects of fishing while to promoting the art of eating, especially in regard to sea products and visual arts exhibitions, amongst other actions.

The Museum of Fisheries will be based in a recently constructed building in the downtown area of the Mozambican capital Maputo. The construction of the building cost just over three million U.S. dollars, the amount disbursed by the Government of Mozambique in partnership with the Government of Norway. This is the first museum designed to promote the fisheries sector in the country.

WWF has applauded this move which shows the commitment by the Mozambican government to develop the fisheries sector in the country taking into account the social and cultural aspects of the people of Mozambique.

Speaking shortly after receiving the news of the creation of the Museum of Fisheries in Mozambique, WWF Coastal East Africa Head of Marine Domingos Gove noted that this bold move by the government would contribute to maximising the socio-economic benefits of healthy fisheries in the country.

“We want to empower governments and communities to promote sustainable fisheries and maximize the socio-economic benefits of healthy fisheries,” said Mr. Gove

By Noticias and John Kabubu

The museum aims to preserve and exhibit artifacts built secularly and samples of the main targeted stocks in Mozambique.
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