WWF in the Northern Andes Ecoregional Complex

WWF has developed a vision for the future of the biodiversity of Northern Andes. A roadmap for conservation over large scales of space and time is a central feature of WWF's ecoregional scale. The target is the expansion of Systems of Protected Areas to include at least 10% of the natural habitats present in the ecoregion, increased connectivity among large blocks of natural vegetation in landscapes where human activities are compatible with conservation goals, long term maintenance of ecological and evolutionary processes, and viable populations of focal species.
WWF and its associates, Fundación para la Defensa de la Naturaleza (Fudena) in Venezuela and Fundación Natura in Ecuador, set out the following conservation targets to guide their work in the NAEC over the next 5 years:

  • Create at least 1 million ha of new forest protected areas in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.
  • Establish at least 3 new Ramsar sites covering 500,000 ha of high Andean wetlands (paramos).
  • Forest landscape restoration of 3 ecological corridors connecting PAs (Protected areas) and large blocks of natural vegetation in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.
  • Ten PAs in Colombia with increased effectiveness and monitoring systems operating.
  • Develop and implement land zoning and management plans at 6 priority sites.
  • Ensure voluntary forest certification of 200,000 ha of sustainably managed forests in Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Mitigate impacts of proposed petroleum and hydroelectric development in the Amazon piedmont of Colombia.
  • Develop and implement a conservation strategy to protect the Andean Spectacled bear throughout the ecoregional complex.

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