Northern Andes Ecoregional Complex

The Northern Andes Ecoregional Complex (NAEC), is a part of WWF's new way of looking at the world. At the heart of this new approach are the ecoregions - both land and water areas that harbor a unique set of species, climatic conditions, and geographic features.
The NAEC is home to 14 such ecoregions, including 7 montane forests, 4 páramo grasslands, and 3 dry forests. While each of these ecoregions is distinct, the ecological processes at work in each are so closely connected that all of them are considered a part of the complex.

Located in the highlands of tropical Andes, this complex extends from 11° North latitude in northern Colombia, 2,000 km southward to northern Perú, at approximately 6° South latitude. The recognized northeastern limits of the NAEC are Sierra de Perijá (Colombia, Venezuela) and Merida Cordillera (Venezuela).

The northwestern limit is Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia). The southern limit is Abra de Porculla mountain pass in Huancabamba depression (Peru) that serves as a biogeographic barrier to species movement, separating the northern and southern Andes.

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