WWF in the Chocó-Darién Ecoregional Complex

Since the 1980s, WWF Colombia has been supporting conservation and promoting sustainable use of natural resources in the region. The aim is to guarantee representation for all the different natural communities; maintain ecological and evolutionary phenomena and processes at a local, regional and ecoregional level; sustain viable populations of all species and conserve enough natural habitats to maintain capacity for recovery after periodic disturbances and long-term changes.
WWF Colombia's Chocó ecoregional programme aims that this region becomes an area of alternative development where individuals and organisations are capable of negotiating and lobbying for beneficial policies and proposals.

WWF Colombia is working with these organisations to appropriate and lead initiatives towards the sustainable use and management of natural resources so that they provide for welfare of the different expressions of life in this region.

In the long term, WWF Colombia aspires that such conditions also remain to exist for the development of sustainable livelihoods, local communities and future generations.

In the medium term, the strengthening of political, technical and organisational capacities of local partners in design and implementation of conservation strategies, land-use management, sustainable use of resources and lobbying of decision-making authorities is sought by WWF Colombia.

In order to achieve these objectives, the following strategic areas have been developed:
  • Support for the establishment and effective management of public and private conservation areas and ethnic territories.
  • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources, agricultural or exploitive systems.
  • Lobbying in favor of conservation and sustainable livelihoods in political and legal spheres.
  • Technical, institutional, organisational, political, educational and communicational capacity building.
The 4 strategic areas are developed at different geographical scales: private property, local, regional, ecoregional and international. Within these different geographical areas, working agreements and alliances are established and joint projects are carried out with key social and institutional actors.

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