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La Planada nature reserve. Colombia.
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Forest ecosystems are home to the highest levels of biodiversity in Colombia. They are essential to sustainable development for the essential goods and services, including water production and regulation, sources of timber and non-timber products for local livelihoods, and as a key regulator of climate patterns through uptake of CO2.

WWF Colombia will work to maximize the coverage and integrity of forest ecosystems and minimize loss through conversion and fragmentation, thus maintaining ecological processes, environmental services and habitats for focal species.


WWF Colombia has made important contributions to conservation and a sustainable development agenda in Colombia during the past 3 years through the WWF UK Social Change Programme. WWF Colombia is focused on network ecoregional programmes in the Northern Andes, Choco-Darien and Orinoco.

The programme has taken an integrated approach, linking field level conservation action to policy reform, institution strengthening and local conservation processes development through participation of grass-roots community groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and public agencies at local, regional, national and international levels.

An innovative approach to build enabling conditions for conservation has created a solid foundation with local communities, built a base of support in civil society and government, influenced the policy arena at the national and international levels, and generated significant field level conservation outcomes.


By 2011, indices of forest cover and connectivity are maintained compared with the 2006 baseline and protected areas coverage and representation are increased, maintaining habitats for focal species in 4 forest landscapes of the Chocó-Darién, Northern Andes, and Amazon.

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