WWF in China

WWF was the first international conservation organisation invited to work in China. It has been active here since 1980, when Dr. George Schaller arrived to work with Chinese scientists on giant panda conservation. Today, WWF China has about 110 staff working on over 40 projects, from restoring the Yangtze river wetlands to environmental education and panda conservation.

In Hong Kong itself, 90 full-time staff are working in 5 offices located in Kwai Hing, Central, Tai Po, Mai Po and Hoi Ha Wan.

Bejing office founded: 1991
Hong Kong office founded: 31 March 1981

Hong Kong Office


  • WWF China

    Room 1609,
    Wen Hua Gong (Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong Dongmen) Beijing Working People's Culture Palace,
    Beijing 100006 People's Republic of China
    +86 10 6511 6211
    +86 10 6511 6222

  • WWF-Hong Kong

    No 1 Tramway Path,
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    +852 2526 1011
    +852 2845 2734

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