WWFolio Nr. 5 - quarterly news bulletin - April 2006

Posted on 12 April 2006    
Cover for WWFolio 5
© WWF Bolivia

We want to share with you our 5th edition of WWFolio, a news bulletin on our work in Bolivia. Enjoy!

In this edition you can read about:


  • WWF Bolivia promotes responsible forest trade


  • Reaction to the Puerto Busch Study


  • Souvenirs to support the Amboro National Park
  • Itenez Fishing Committee
  • Social and civic strengthening for sustainable management
  • Handicrafts in the Iténez
  • An example of land use planning
  • OUR PARTNERS: Amazon Union Association of Filadelfia-Bolpebra (MUAFB)
  • Strategic tri-national proposal for the sustainable management of the forest


  • Exchange of experiences between Bolivia and Peru
  • WWF will bring international buyers to the 2006 Expoforest
  • LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Practical Guide for Using a GPS and Producing Maps
  • LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Community and Forest


Cover for WWFolio 5
© WWF Bolivia Enlarge

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