WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 17 - Earth Hour

Posted on 08 June 2009
WWFolio 17
© Fuentes Audiovisuales / WWF Bolivia
This is the 17th edition of our quarterly news bulletin. This edition is thematic, dedicated to the worldwide Earth Hour campaign, and its implementation in Bolivia.

This WWFolio will be the last edition published on paper. As of WWFolio Nr. 18, our editions will be digital and only a printed version will be issued at the end of each year, compiling the most important events. Thus, the WWFolio will be available on our institutional web site (www.panda.org/bolivia) and continue to inform our readers of our activities, plans, achievements and useful recommendations to live in harmony with nature and the planet.

We hope you enjoy the reading!
WWFolio 17
© Fuentes Audiovisuales / WWF Bolivia Enlarge

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