Pantanal Townships subscribe to new cooperation agreements with WWF

Posted on 03 September 2010    
Mayor of Puerto Suarez signed interinstitutional cooperation agreement
© Giovanny VERA / WWF Bolivia
Puerto Quijarro and Puerto Suárez Municipal Governments’ subscribed to new interinstitutional cooperation agreements with WWF, the global conservation organization, aiming at protecting activities in both municipalities which reinforce the sustainable development of Bolivian Pantanal. The municipal government of San Matías will sign an agreement with the NGO on the following weeks.

The agreement with Puerto Suárez was sealed by the Mayor Roberto Vaca, the 2d of this month, in the main hall of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes church, with the participation of the Municipal Councils and invited authorities. In Puerto Quijarro, the Mayor Ybar Antelo firmed the agreement in front of the Municipal Councils and educative, civil and military authorities. The agreements with both townships were firmed by the head of WWF Bolivia, Luis Pabon.

“Today we firm an agreement that will undoubtedly lead to bring development for the village of Puerto Suárez. This agreement will benefit to the entire township” said the Mayor of Puerto Suarez while emphasizing the coming creation of an Environmental Unity to reinforce the environmental municipal handling. He stands that “this agreement we are signing will not only last five years, this will last forever (…)”.
The Pantanal townships regard the promotion and dynamism of sustainable development by designing and implementing policies, plans, programs and projects, as a responsibility; so do they consider the preservation and conservation of the environment and ecosystems through a rational occupation of the land and a sustainable use of natural resources, and the preservation of the landscape patrimony of the township, as a duty.
Taking into account this mandates, the municipal governments of Puerto Suárez and Puerto Quijarro, along with WWF, regarded the signing of this agreement as a strategic step that will allow them to join their efforts to promote concerted actions to support the region sustainable development. This agreement is implemented “to work together for our environment and the Pantanal” summed up the Mayor of Puerto Quijarro, Ybar Antelo.
The agreement defines actions aiming at implementing a process of planned and equilibrated development in the Pantanal, focused on four axes: Research and communication about the effects of climate change in the Pantanal; sustainable practices of cattle ranching; planning of the land use; and Corporate Social Responsibility – emphasized on environmental aspects.
“WWF, through its Pantanal program, has an experience of more than 10 years working in the region, which reinforces its relation with local institutions” explains Luis Pabon, asserting that the Pantanal program’s mission is to maintain the hydrological processes of the ecoregion, and to cooperate to the improvement of its inhabitants’ living conditions with activities that support these objectives.
The municipal government of San Matías is in the process of defining a similar agreement with WWF Bolivia, with the objective of promoting actions oriented to the sustainable development of the region in order to attain the best living conditions for the local population through a rational use of the natural resources of the rich Bolivian Pantanal.
Mayor of Puerto Suarez signed interinstitutional cooperation agreement
© Giovanny VERA / WWF Bolivia Enlarge
Mayor of Puerto Quijarro and head of WWF Bolivia celebrated the agreement
© Giovanny VERA / WWF Bolivia Enlarge

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