Puerto Quijarro lived photo exhibition “Bolivian Pantanal, Source of Life and Development”

Posted on 12 November 2010    
Students visiting the exhibit
© Maud-Anaïs CLAUDOT / WWF Bolivia
During the last two weeks of October, the “Itinerant Photo Exhibition on the Bolivian Pantanal: Source of Life and Development” was presented in Puerto Quijarro – Bolivia, as a result of the interest of the Municipal Government of Puerto Quijarro, the District Direction of Education and the Syndicate of Press Workers, in collaboration with WWF, at showing to the Pantanal population the natural value of their region, through pictures of the surrounding beauty and richness.

The photo exhibition Pantanal Source of Life and Development is a visual adventure by the majestic Pantanal, that allows – through impressive images – get to know better its deep rivers, the density of woods, the tough life of the Pantanal people and the remote places where the Hyacinth Macaw nest and the Jaguars rest.

The exhibition was visited by around 1300 students from ten educative unities of the township, in addition to members of the Bolivian Armed Forces, and population in general, that enjoyed the spaces to play and have some fun while learning on the Bolivian Pantanal, its population and its land.

“This photo exhibition on our Pantanal is very useful to us professors, as well as to students” said Professor Rodolfo Saavedra, who asserted that in addition “this provides us a big audiovisual help allowing children and youth to learn while playing”.
Students visiting the exhibit
© Maud-Anaïs CLAUDOT / WWF Bolivia Enlarge

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