Govt. to slap bigger penalty on poachers

Posted on 13 November 2013  | 
In what could be one of the biggest stands against anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trade in the country in the recent times, the Royal Government is determined to leave no stones unturned in holding offenders accountable.  

According to a recent notice from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the fines and penalties for protected species under section 82 (7) of the Forest and Nature Conservation Rules, 2006, (esp those pertaining to the Tiger (Panthera Tigris) and the Snow Leopard (Uncia uncial)) has been revised as follows:-  
  • Any person found in act of making an attempt to catch or injure the above mentioned species shall be levied a fine of Nu 0.500 million. 
  • Any person found in an unpermitted taking, destroying, capturing and trade of their parts and products regardless of whether the animal was taken, destroyed or captured in Bhutan or elsewhere will be levied a fine of Nu 1 million or a penalty of imprisonment which may extend up to ten years or both. 
  • In addition, any animal parts or products possessed by the offender will be confiscated and the following schedule of fines will be levied for any missing animal parts or products:-
1. Entire set of skin: Nu 0.300 million.
2. Any missing parts of a skin: Nu 0.050 million.
3. Set of bones: Nu 0.300 million.
4. Any missing part of bones: Nu 0.050 million.
5. Claws: Nu 5,000 each.
6. Canine: Nu 10,000 each.
7. Any other parts: Nu 10,000 each. 
Tiger bones, one could be slapped a fine of Nu. 0.300 million.
If one is found with a set of Tiger bones, one could be slapped a fine of Nu. 0.300 million.
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