Choosing a greener approach to infrastructure development

Posted on 21 November 2013  | 
To meet development needs while also ensuring minimal impact on environmental conservation, Bhutan must adopt Smart Green Infrastructure development according to the World Bank Program for the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI). 

In a recent media report, Andrey Kushlin, the World Bank’s program manager for the GTI said, “Though costly and time consuming it may be, Smart Green Infrastructure (SGI) is must for Bhutan’s long term sustainability and environment preservation.” 
Bhutan committed to initiate SGI in May 2011 when it hosted the Thimphu recommendations on SGI in tiger conservation landscapes conference. 
The world over, developing countries like Bhutan are now using SGI, especially for roads and hydropower project construction, ecotourism and land-use planning. 
 innovative bridges around the world.
A good example of design, technology and environmental sustainability can be seen in innovative bridges around the world.
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