Tiger Conference kicks off with positive reviews

Posted on 22 October 2012  | 
Her Royal rewards rangers
Her Royal Highness rewarded five rangers for their contribution to Tiger conservation
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Spirits were set high as Her Royal Highness, Princess Azhi Kezang Wangmo Wangchuck, graced the second Asian Tiger Ministerial Conference by awarding certificates of appreciation to five Bhutanese field rangers for their contribution to Tiger conservation. 

The conference kicked off today with positive reviews to the follow-up of commitments made at the Tiger Summit held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2010. Delegates from the 13 Tiger Range Countries (TRCs) shared how countries have now stepped up in finance and action and this could be further enhanced with support from international donors.

One of the major issues discussed during the conference was on how TRCs are working on equipping frontline staff faced with increasing tension and work in the field. In this regard, the role of Non-governmental Organizations such as WWF, in capacity building was felt to be essential.

There were also discussions on community-based conservation approaches on stimulating livelihoods to create a more tiger-friendly environment.

The TRC Delegates pointed out that since theirs are mostly developing countries, it is important people living in the tiger range areas are provided better alternative livelihood programs to combat increasing instances of human-wildlife conflict. 

The fact that most TRCs are developing countries also highlighted land conflicts due to infrastructure development and the importance of the use of smart, green infrastructure.

The conference also recognized that TRCs increasingly are relying on science and technology to conduct regular census and monitoring. This, delegates felt, could be further enhanced by institutional collaboration among countries.

Such collaborations, delegates said, could also enhance transnational cooperation on biological corridors. The conference also recognized the need for better technology to monitor poaching.


Her Royal rewards rangers
Her Royal Highness rewarded five rangers for their contribution to Tiger conservation
© WWF-Bhutan Enlarge
Opening of the 2nd Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation, Bhutan
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