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Karen Manvelyan, PhD

Karen Manvelyan, Director / ©: WWF Armenia
Karen Manvelyan
© WWF Armenia
Karen Manvelyan joined WWF in May 2002. He graduated from Yerevan Zoo-Veterinary Institute and holds a PhD in animal physiology. Prior to joining WWF, he worked as a Head of Department of Biodiversity Conservation at the Institute of Botany as well as Scientific Director of the Yerevan Zoo.

Karen holds a Diploma in Endangered Species Management from the University of Kent and completed training courses on Endangered Species Management at Gerald Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and on Wetlands Management in Yerevan. He specialized in the conservation of endangered species of plants and animals, as well as protected area management.

E-mail: kmanvelyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Siranush Galstyan, MSc

Conservation Programme Manager / ©: WWF-Armenia
Siranush Galstyan
© WWF-Armenia
Project Coordinator
Siranush Galstyan joined WWF Armenia in March 2006. In 2002, she gained her Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Upon returning from her studies in Europe, Siranush worked in Armenia in a forestry related project dealing with different aspects of the forestry sector including institutional and legal issues, as well as capacity building. In that context, she was involved in a number of participatory processes for the development of forest policy and strategy, the national forest program, forestry legislation and others.

As a core team member, she also participated in the organization and implementation of workshops and trainings. In 2004, Siranush coordinated a CBD related project including the preparation and publication of a guide on biodiversity for lecturers and students. This publication includes general information about biodiversity as well as an Armenian translation of the Convention.

Siranush speaks Armenian, Russian and English. She also teaches various environmental courses at the University level.

E-mail: sgalstyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Gera Voskanyan

Gera Voskanyan / ©: WWF-Armenia
Gera Voskanyan
© WWF-Armenia
Partnership & Communications Manager
Gera Voskanyan joined WWF Armenia in June 2011. He started as a Project Coordinator at WWF Armenia and from August 2012 became the Partnership and Communications Manager.

Gera has a Master’s degree in Engineering in the field of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management from the American University of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia) and a Bachelor degree in Engineering in the field of Power Energy from the State Engineering University of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia).

Before joining WWF Armenia Gera worked at the USAID funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS) Project as a Tourism Cluster Coordinator. He joined CAPS in January 2007. Prior to CAPS, he worked in the Engineering Research Center at the American University of Armenia as a researcher.

E-mail: gvoskanyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Narine Mirakyan

HR & Finance and Administrative Manager / ©: WWF-Armenia
Narine Mirakyan
© WWF-Armenia
Finance & Administrative Manager
Narine Mirakyan joined WWF Armenia in 2008 as a Finance and Administrative Manager. She graduated from the college of Yerevan State Engineering University in 1999 with a major in chemical technologies and holds BSc in Economics from the State Engineering University. She also completed the accountancy training courses provided by International Accountancy Training Centre Educational Fund in 2005.

In the period of 1999-2007 she worked as an accountant at “Eurostan-Uyut” Ltd. and was awarded the letter of commendation. Prior to joining WWF Armenia she worked as an economist-accountant at a private audit & accounting company.

E-mail: nmirakyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Aram Martirosyan

Aram Martirosyan, Office Manager / ©: WWF-Armenia
Aram Martirosyan
© WWF-Armenia
Facility Officer
Aram Martirosyan joined WWF Armenia in August 2007. He graduated from Yerevan Zoo-Veterinary Institute and has a specialty of veterinary surgeon and herpetologist.

Prior to joining WWF Armenia, he worked as a Head of Aquaterrarium at the Yerevan Zoo.

Aram is also working in WWF Armenia as a Local Coordinator in the implementation of different project activities.

E-mail: amartirosyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Tamara Shaboyan

Tamara Shaboyan, Project coordinator / ©: WWF-Armenia
Tamara Shaboyan
© WWF-Armenia
Projects Administrator
Tamara Shaboyan joined WWF Armenia in November 2009. Before joining WWF, Tamara worked in «Khosrov Forest» State Reserve as a Specialist of International Affairs. She graduated from Yerevan State University in 2006, the Department of International Relations (Bachelor’s degree) and gained her Master’s degree in 2008. 

E-mail: tshaboyan@wwfcaucasus.org

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