Conservation of Large Carnivores in Armenia

Project Description:
Brown bear is one of the large carnivores in Armenia. It is included in the Red Book of Armenia categorized as Vulnerable (VU) according to IUCN criteria as well as listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Least Concern.

Unfortunately sometimes brown bears become a subject of hunting in the country. The most tragic case is when a bear female is poached and bear cubs stay unprotected. It is as usual brings to cubs’ death because of poaching, predation or not to be adopted to survive alone in the wild.

In 2012 WWF was approached by Nature Protection Inspection to help to save a bear cub which was captured in the wild. It was clear that the cub would not survive if nobody helped it and consequently WWF encouraged its partners to assist in saving the cub.

Another issue is bear – human conflict: bears sometimes damage farmlands of people. Therefore, as a pilot project WWF supported the farmers of Nrnadzor community in the buffer zone of Arevik National Park to install electric fences in order to protect pomegranate plantations from bears.

  1. To save the brown bear cub by creating facilities for temporary keeping of the cub and later releasing the cub to the nature
  2. To mitigate bear-human conflicts by installing electric fences around the pomegranate plantations in Nrnadzor community in the buffer zone of Arevik National Park
Project Deliverables:
  1. Facilities for temporary keeping of the cub
  2. Training of the cub for independent survival in the wild
  3. The installation of GPS/radio collar on the bear for later monitoring
  4. Transfer of the cub to the release area in Syunik province
  5. Organization of the cub release to the nature
  6. Monitoring of the cub
  7. Electric fences installed in 7ha of the pomegranate plantations in Nrnadzor community
Funding Organization / Donor:

Implementing Organization(s):

Project Implementation Location:
Syunik Province, Republic of Armenia

Project Duration:
2012 – 2014

For Further Information:
Mr. Aram Martirosyan
Project Coordinator
Tel: (+374 10) 54 61 56 (ext. 18)

Mr. Gera Voskanyan
Partnership & Communications Manager
Tel: (+374 10) 54 61 56 (ext. 14)

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