WWF Armenia is implementing projects in the following focus areas:
  • Assisting the Government of Armenia to establish new protected areas and develop a protected area network (Econet) including reserves, national parks and others
  • Providing support for institutional strengthening and capacity building via consultancy and technical assistance to protected areas
  • Restoring degraded ecosystems, enhancing the habitat of flora and fauna, conserving priority biomes (forests, high mountains, wetlands)
  • Conserving threatened species (Caucasian Leopard, Armenian Mouflon, Bezoar Goat, etc.)
  • Promoting alternative livelihoods through sustainable use of natural resources and ecotourism development, thus contributing to income generation and poverty reduction as well as mitigation of threats to biodiversity
  • Promoting public awareness on environmental issues through environmental education, mass media and communications among all Armenians
WWF Armenia actively and efficiently collaborates with:
  • National authorities
    - Ministry of Nature Protection
    - Ministry of Agriculture
  • Local administrations and communities
  • NGOs
  • Scientific institutions
  • The international donor organizations
  • Commercial organizations
  • Many other key partners
Working from the grassroots to the governmental level assures that collaborative projects will yield the best solutions for nature conservation.

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