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National Consultant

WWF-Armenia is seeking an individual who will be able to undertake the study on Compliance of the Legal Frameworks Governing Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation and Use of Water Resources in Armenia with the relevant EU Environmental Legislation
Work Commence Date (date when the selected candidate is expected to start the work) 16 February 2015
Work Completion Date (date when the selected candidate is expected to complete the work and provide final deliverables) 31 October 2015
Additional Language Required English  
Location / Work Area Yerevan, Armenia
Reporting to WWF-Armenia & WWF Caucasus Programme Office  


1. Thematic Introduction
Freshwater ecosystems cover about 8.5 percent of the Caucasus Ecoregion. They are crucial freshwater reservoir and vitally important for spawning of endangered fish species and for breading and migration of birds. A freshwater network of more than 43,000 rivers lies between the Black and the Caspian Sea with a high number of freshwater lakes. Seven wetlands of the South Caucasus were identified and declared as sites of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.
Like in many other parts of the world, freshwater ecosystems are also some of the most threatened habitats in the South Caucasus. Factors like environmental pollution and runoff from human settlements, factories and farmlands as well as overusing of limited resources through irrigation, overfishing and increasing construction of hydro-power plants have a devastating impact on the local freshwater ecosystems. This is further exacerbated due to gaps and contractions that exist within the existing legal framework as well as competitive beneficiary interests from the public and private sector. Analysis of the relevant laws, regulations and conventions as well as identification of the contradictions and flaws within the legal framework is needed in the light of existing or newly arising threats of the freshwater ecosystem in the South Caucasus.

2. Project Background
The study on compliance of the legal framework governing freshwater ecosystem conservation and use of water resources in the South Caucasus countries with the relevant EU environmental legislation will be implemented in the frame of the regional project – ’’Advise to Governments in the development of strategies to protect freshwater ecosystems in the South Caucasus’’. The project is financially supported by German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), led by WWF Germany and implemented by WWF-Network in the South Caucasus.
The regional project aims to (i) review the existing national legal frameworks governing freshwater conservation and use in the South Caucasus; (ii) analyze their compliance with relevant EU environmental legislation; and (iii) elaborate recommendations for further harmonization of analyzed national legal frameworks with relevant EU environmental legislation. The project will also focus on strengthening of regional cooperation for the protection of trans-boundary freshwater ecosystems in the South Caucasus.

Main tasks are (i) to review and analyze the existing national legal frameworks and regulatory mechanisms in the field of freshwater conservation and use in Armenia with regard to relevant EU environmental legislation; and (ii) to identify gaps and elaborate a set of recommendations to support harmonization of analyzed national legal frameworks with relevant EU environmental legislation.

Main activities and deliverables under the responsibility of a national consultant will be defined and agreed further at the initial stage of the study as part of the study scope. This next defining and agreement step will be coordinated by WWF Office and an international consultant to be hired for overall support and facilitation of the study process at regional level.

Detailed time-frame for main activities to be planned will be finally discussed and agreed with the selected national consultant and will be included in the Contract between WWF Office and the consultant.

Consultancy payment is based on assigned tasks. The consultancy fee shall be finally discussed and agreed with the selected national consultant.
The detailed payment schedule and conditions will be defined by the Contract to be concluded between WWF Office and the national consultant.
In addition to the consultancy fee, WWF will cover all costs related to Consultant’s travel if and as the study requires.

The national consultant, in close cooperation and coordination with the international consultant, will report in written form to Mr. Nugzar Zazanashvili, Conservation Director of WWF Caucasus Programme Office (e-mail: nzazanashvili@wwfcaucasus.org), Mr. Karen Manvelyan, Director of WWF-Armenia, (e-mail: kmanvelyan@wwfcaucasus.org) and Ms. Maka Bitsadze, Project Regional Manager (e-mail: mbitsadze@wwfcaucasus.org) on the status and results of the assigned tasks.

  • Minimum Master’s or equivalent degree in environmental law, environmental resource management, environmental science or a related discipline.
  • Minimum five years of working experience in the fields of environmental law and environmental resource management or a related discipline.
  • Demonstrated practical experience related to EU environmental policy and drafting and/or reviewing environmental legislation are in plus.  
  • Ability to work constructively with different stakeholders in a complex environment and under strictly defined time-line.
  • Strong and proven research and analytical skills.
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills with excellent command of written and spoken English.    


An application letter with a CV  in English language, should be send to: tshaboyan@wwfcaucasus.org

Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered.  


For further information, please, contact.                                      
Adress: 11 Proshyan str.,0019 Yerevan,                                          
Tel: (00374) 10- 54-61-56, 58-89-83          
Email: office_@wwfcaucasus.org  

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