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Cheryl Carolus

South African


Cheryl Carolus is a Board member of WWF-South Africa.

She is Executive Chair, Peotona Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a wholly women-owned company with assets in resources and infrastructure feeder industries. The Company has been set up with a vision to leverage sustainable opportunities for individuals and communities in the “second economy” through the company’s own “first economy” activity; 70%+ of all large investments have been placed in ring fenced Community Trusts for education and or enterprise development.

Career Snapshot

Cheryl was part of the ANC elections team that prepared the organization to fight the first democratic election. She led the ANC consultative process to develop a policy for a post-apartheid South Africa. As Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, she repositioned its structures to function as a parliamentary party at national, provincial and local levels.

Through her work as SA High Commissioner (Ambassador) to the UK, Cheryl built a good model for collaboration with South African companies based in London. She built strong networks with the major players in the British government, business and NGO world – networks that she has applied in her work for South African Tourism and continues to maintain today.

Her stint at South African Tourism saw a major repositioning of South Africa as a serious global tourism destination and as a major economic sector in SA.

Cheryl plays an active role in a number of civil society organizations mainly around young people at risk, conservation and global conflict. She served as Chairperson of the South African National Parks Board for six years. She has recently been appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors of South African Airways (Pty) Ltd. She is a board member of Soul City Health Institute, the International Crisis Group and WWF-South Africa. She is a founding member of her former High Schools Alumnus Society and the Ploughback Movement on the Cape Flats.

She also holds non-executive positions on the boards of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, Fenner Conveyor Belting SA (Pty) Limited, Macsteel Service Centres SA, IQ Business Group, Investec Ltd and Investec plc, Gold Fields Limited, Technology Innovation Agency (Department of Science and Technology) and the Constitution Hill Trust.

Formal Education

Cheryl has a BA Law degree, Bachelor of Education and Honorary Doctorate in Law (for work in Human Rights) from the University of Cape Town.

Ms Carolus'  second term of office expires in December 2017.
	© Cheryl Carolus
Cheryl Carolus
© Cheryl Carolus

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