West African Marine Ecoregion project

Challenges faced by the project

In the coming years (2003–2007), WWF's WAMER project is building on the success of its first two years by:
  • supporting regional governments in establishing and managing marine and coastal protected areas
  • promoting equitable fisheries agreements compatible with the sustainable exploitation of fish resources within the member countries of the CSRP (Subregional Fisheries Commission)
  • drafting regionally appropriate models for international fisheries access agreements
  • strengthening local capacities to monitor and protect populations of marine turtles
  • promoting sustainable fishing practices and methods within the member countries of the CSRP
  • strengthening and promoting efforts to establish sustainable artisanal fisheries
  • liasing with local and regional partners to establish a long-term vision for the ecoregion and agreeing priority zones and actions.

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