West African Marine Ecoregion office: administration staff

Aliou FAYE, IT Manager
Aliou FAYE, IT Manager (2006 – present)
  • Postgraduate Degree in computer sciences.
  • DEUG– Physic/ Chemestry

Intern at WWF-WAMER as IT officer (2005 – 2006)

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Ibrahima Kébé, Driver
Ibrahima Kébé, driver
Ibrahima is the driver for WWF WAMER. He has always been a driver.

Before joining WWF, he was driving for the Oceanographic Research Centre of Dakar (CRODT).
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Papa Ndiougou Ndiaye, Finance Officer
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Papa Ndiougou Ndiaye ( 2008- present)
  • Certificate in high studies in business and management
  • Higher Degree in accountancy, tax and economy
  • Financial auditor at “coopers and Lybrand”.( 2004-2008)

"I am very happy to join the team of the WWF and hope to contribute fully from my competences in finance to the nature conservation." He says

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Fatou Ndour, secretary
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Fatou Ndour, Administrative Assistant (2008- present)

With an executive secretary higher professional diploma, Fatou Ndour worked in many governments managed projects. Her long and outstanding experience in project management has catalyzed the secretarial work within WWF WAMER. According to her “joining WWF WAMER is very challenging because environmental issues are crucial in today's world”

El Hadji Palla Sarr, Administrative Assistant
El Hadj Palla Sarr, Administrative Assisant (2000-present)

  • Outstanding experience in administrative matters.
  • Administrative Assistant the Oceanographic Research Centre of Dakar.(1995-2000)

"I chose to work for WWF because this organization is serious and committed to a noble cause,that is preserving the world's biological diversity while ensuring sustainable livelihoods for humans. I am priviledged and honoured to bring in my modest contribution to attain such a goal," he says.

In The Gambia,

Mamadou Gaye, The Gambia Finance Officer
Mamadou Gaye, Finance officer
Professional Master 2 of Accounting and Financial Techniques at the High Institute of Accountancy (Institut Supérieur de Comptabilité ISC) of CESAG

Auditor at CABEX Cabinet, Financial and Tax Audit of corporate accounts.

Auditor at AML “Audit & Conseils”, Financial Audit of corporate accounts.

Accountant at BASICS II Project – USAID.
Zainab Diab Ghanim, Secretary and administrative Assistant

Mame Yassine Kane, Accountant

Professionnal Master in human ressource (In progress)

Professionnal  Master in finance 

Intern at WWF WAMPO (2009-2010)

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