Srepok project - photographing of wild water buffalo!

Exclusive pictures of the elusive buffalo!

The elusive wild water buffalo. rel=
The elusive wild water buffalo.
Captured by a camera trap - one of the last wild water buffalos in Cambodia rel=
Captured by a camera trap - one of the last wild water buffalos in Cambodia
© WWF Cambodia Srepok Wildnerness Team
The photographing of wild water buffalo is significant as this is the last known population in Cambodia. The last time an individual was photographed was in 2001. As there is a standing bounty on the wildlife trade markets in Vietnam of US$2000 for a good set of buffalo horns, the animals have been targeted by poachers.

Yet another goal achieved!
Although the situation is serious in terms of population numbers it is believed that the resident population (estimated 30 - 50 animals left) now at least stands a fighting chance of survival. The contributions made thus far by WWF Netherlands have enabled a site-based project to develop, unlike any other in Cambodia. The rangers and forestry officials of the SWAP team have not only begun securing the area for the benefit of animals like buffalo, gaur and banteng but have also collected data on these sightings, occurrences and observations.

Camera traps have been used to ground-truth abovementioned observations and visually verify where only tracks have been found. In terms of the SWAP animals not yet photographed included sun bear (seen twice by WWF staff though), tiger and elephant (lots of tracks recorded of both aforementioned). Up until last week buffalo also formed part of this list!!

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